World War Three – It’s on Now

It is the War for Men’s Minds

Plus: Sector 9

By Captain Bill Robertson

Introduction, Foreword & edited by Stephanie Relfe



Many people will have a problem with the following information. I include it here for your information because:

1. I haven’t seen it much elsewhere on the net.

2. It gives a possible reason why some people may want a One World Government, with them in charge.

3. This information was not just the opinion of one man, Captain Bill Robertson. He wrote this after leaving the Church of Scientology. This information was garnered from many one-one-one private auditing and clearing sessions of hundreds of people around the world.

4. This is the only information I have seen on Markabians. I believe they are real. I believe I saw two once at a Nexus Magazine conference. They were two men – tall, with very dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin, immaculately dressed in expensive, trendy looking suits that were black or very dark blue, and an extremely cold energy. These were not your ‘standard’ ‘Men in Black’ – They did not look oriental.

I know of at least one story of someone meeting Markabians – a woman friend of a friend of mine got into an elevatorin Canberra Australia. A Markabian man got in with her, and then she had several hours of missing time.

5. I want to know, are Markabians the “Men in black”? I believe they may be. And I believe they may be working with the reptilians to some extent.

6. There is an important message here for every one of us regarding “intention”

7. The most important reason of all for this article: Many people these days report how miserable they are. But everything is comparative. One day years ago I was feeling miserable, when I started thinking of the information below about World War Three – the war for men’s minds – that we are in right now. I then had the realisation that, for a war, this wasn’t so bad for most of us.

As long as you are not one of the two billion people who do not have electricity and therefore have to cook with an open fire in their houses (which kills 4 million children under 5 every year) or the 2 billion people who do not have even a pit latrine and so have to defecate on the ground, or the one billion people who have only very, very dirty water to drink (which kills 2 million children a year), then life is – FOR LIFE DURING A WAR – not so bad.

Think of the people in the First World War in the trenches. They had things like trench food where their feet were wet for so long that their toes rotted off. Or think of people in the Second World War. Or the wars going on right now. Where people have death, mutilation, deprivation and fear as a ‘normal’ part of life.

So, if you think you are having a bad time, just remember – for a war, this is a pretty comfortable one. You probably have clean water, and you don’t have to walk miles for it. You have electricity for lights, cooking and a fridge. You have a phone and maybe a car. And you are not in fear of your life or permanent mutilation, either for yourself or those close to you.

So, thank God that things are not as bad as they could be, and please help us end this and all wars, so we can make things even better.

Please note: There are reports that on the net that a being named Xenu was head of the Galactic Confederation at one time. I believe that is not true. I believe that people in the Galactic Confederation are close to God and that evil people do not rise to power in this organization.

I am not sure that everything in Sector 9 is true. But I do believe that parts of it are. You decide.

FOREWORD by Stephanie Relfe

You may have noticed after reading a lot of informative and occasionally frightening stuff about Conspiracies, the New World Order, Aliens, Mind Control and the like, a lack of two very important pieces of information:

1. Why a group of people like the ‘New World Order’ would want to control Earth with one suppressive world government (other than for the gratification of their ego).

2. A positive, constructive alternative that we can all work towards. It needs to be at least as BIG a goal as that of the new world order, if we are going to replace theirs. Because one can’t make a choice between a One World mind-controlling government and nothing. This new goal could be “To create Heaven on Earth”. For those people who are more rationally minded it could be called the “New Civilization Game”.

It is important to be aware of what is going on because we are controlled mainly by the things that we don’t know about. But if we focus too much on negativity, that is what we will get. Our thoughts create our reality. This is shown, for example, by physicists who have found that when they look at the location of a particular electron, it will be located where they look for it. That is, the physical universe changes according to where our attention is and what our expectations are.

To understand what is happening and what we can do about it, we need to know the true history of earth and we need to go back millions of years before recorded history begins. I am told that the information that follows came from hundreds of individuals in different countries doing a specialized kind of mental and spiritual work called “Clearing”. Clearing is a scientific method for discovering the truth. In Clearing people come to remember the precise details of missing time and what they did in past lives by the use of a biofeedback meter while they are fully conscious. No hypnosis is involved. It is highly specific and gets dates which are accurate to the minute.

The concept of past lives is based on the idea that you are a soul or spirit which is separate from your body. When I began to do Clearing I absolutely did not believe in past lives. But working on a biofeedback meter with a good Clearing Practitioner gave me absolute certainty that I and others have lived many, many lives. It totally removed my subconscious fear of dying. In Clearing, inconsistencies are cleared up by discovering the truth – for example if 2 people thought that they were Cleopatra – a good Clearer would ask “Is it possible that you were someone else in this lifetime?” The person will then get to see that they were actually, for example, a slave who was beheaded at the order of Cleopatra and who decided that he would rather be Cleopatra than himself, and therefore took some of her memories with him to the next lifetime, and hid his own painful memories from himself.

For those who think that reincarnation is not in the bible, please read “Scriptural Support for Reincarnation” at

For some more information on past lives, see Life Between Life


History of Earth

The Sector of the galaxy containing Earth, the Solar system and many other civilized planets is called SECTOR 9.

Imagine the galaxy as 2 pizzas, one on top of the other. A sector is a slice of one of the pizzas. You can see this in the top part of the image below.

The bottom part of the image below is a more detailed map. “Teegeeack” is another name for Earth. Also, note that because there are billions of stars in this galaxy, and billions of galaxies, obviously there are a lot more planets that are members of the Galactic Confederation than are in this very limited map.

To see a pictorial proof of how incredibly, awesomely huge is this universe, I highly recommend you see “The Invisible Universe”. Get your library to obtain a copy.

sector 9-small

SECTOR 9 history helps explain why Earth has been shut off for such a long time from civilizations on other planets.

75 million years ago Earth was involved in a war which we lost. The planet was destroyed by a number of Beings using atomic and hydrogen bombs and became radioactive. The inches-thick layer of dust produced by the catastrophe containing radioactive decay elements is well known by Geologists who find it in preserved rock strata, but who have no explanation for it other than “intensive volcanic activity about 70 million years ago.” (Methods of use in geological dating are not as accurate as Clearing).

After the catastrophe, Earth was declared by the Galactic Confederation to be “off limits” and a “Restricted Zone”.

Over the years, official Galactic agencies such as the Biological Survey, the Planetary Survey, the Galactic Survey, and other scientific and administrative organizations observed, tested, explored and finally seeded the planet with new life forms. Most of these forms were transported here from other planets in the Sector with similar environments. They finally survived here on Earth as a stable flora and fauna after the radioactivity levels died down to normal and mutation was not a big problem.

Although the continents “drifted” apart rather rapidly in the eons following the catastrophe and were no longer in the same relationship to each other, attempts were made to duplicate the conditions existing previously. Thus, in the southern half of Africa, which had been a wildlife park, we today find many strange and varied species such as Zebras, Giraffes, Hippos, Antelopes, Elephants. It is hard to see how else all of these “evolved” here, as this extreme variety occurs nowhere else on the planet.

About a million years ago, it was thought the correct time to put higher forms of organisms on Earth, so that the spiritual beings still trapped on the planet in varying degrees of shock and disorientation could find suitable bodies to live in and begin the long, slow climb back to civilization and higher consciousness.

Before the catastrophe, Earth was a beautiful tourist-vacation type of planet with large jewelled cities supporting populations of billions. Therefore at the time of the catastrophe there were many representatives of other planetary races on Earth. So body types of these different races were transported to Earth and became what we know today as the various “races of man”.

After the rudiments of survival were established and group and political activity began – about 10,000 to 20,000 years ago – it became apparent that higher instruction was needed as the Earthians were constantly acting upon their destructive thoughts and fears by wars, racial vendettas and a general tendency to destroy all that had been so laboriously created to help them survive and prosper.

Civilized beings from various galactic Organizations volunteered to do “missions” on Earth, take human bodies and teach. Philosophy, the Arts, Science and Religion received great impetus from these programs.

About 3,500 years ago, an Honorary Grand Council Member and Galactic Patrol Commander of Sector 9, Elron Elray, proposed a project to be done on Earth which would both bring it to a level of technological advancement and teach mankind about his basic spiritual nature so that he could develop a civilization sane enough to rejoin the Galactic Community.

The first attempt at this was called Buddhism. It resulted in a civilizing influence still felt today by over one-half of the world’s population.

Through the centuries, many other “missionaries” and volunteers helped spread civilization and technology against the negative effects of warlike tribes and evil-intentioned leaders who took over and suppressed civilized groups.

Games – There are Different Levels of Play

To fully grasp what is and has been happening on Earth, it is necessary to realize life is basically a game. There are many different sizes of games. An example of a game common on earth is Business (busy-ness) – Most people are too busy making money and filling in paperwork to notice the other games that are going on. Another example of a game is within a relationship

When one remembers one’s past lives, it is usually clear that the further back one remembers, the larger the game appears, until far, far back, Beings were fun-loving beings without bodies, who actually created whole games involving planets, colors, sounds and lots of action and sensation.

The Game of Planetary Control

There is a game going on for planetary control. It has been going on for hundreds of years. This is not the game of Communism versus Capitalism, East versus West, or Catholics versus Heretics. Those games and others like them are tailor-made “red herrings” and are well publicized and used to seem like the biggest, most attention grabbing, dangerous and expensive games around.

People “believe” in them, live and die in them, hate them, love them and work to escape from them. They are very “real” and are continually made to seem so by constant media coverage.

However, the planetary control game remains hidden behind the glitter and blare of the latest social, political, religious, scientific and financial “news”.


To successfully break through the confusions and false information abounding on Earth, one must be able to observe “intentions”. To be able to observe intentions one must realize that there is always a source of intention, which is of course a spiritual Being.

The intention of a leader of a group will be “felt” all the way through the organization. It may be amplified, altered or hidden at any point but by checking enough data and interviewing enough members of a group, it will become clear.

To understand the Planetary Control Game and trace lines of intention to the perpetrators, the “intentions” which were used as “homing beacons” were:

The intention to:

  • Suppress ideas which enhance survival and quality of life
  • Suppress abundance of wealth
  • Suppress exchange
  • Enforce conformity
  • Control thought
  • Suppress truth
  • Suppress knowledge of the spiritual nature of man
  • Prevent expansion
  • Reduce people’s freedom
  • Collect and use personal data for monitoring and control
  • Take over any “free” groups which pose a threat
  • Invalidate opinion leaders not under anyone’s control
  • Use secrecy for power

The Third World War

The Third World War (WW III) is now in full action! It has been going on for many years.

You won’t read about this war in the newspapers or see it on television, because most of the Press and TV are being used as weapons in it. Other weapons include drugs, radiation, chemicals, viruses, propaganda, political sideshows and the threat of atomic bombs.

Most people on earth are involved in this war. It is the war for the control of men’s minds.

WW III is not being directed by persons from Earth. The Beings who want your mind to be controlled, subservient and conforming so that they can rule Earth for their own purposes, are not from Earth.

The Markabians

Markab is a planet in our sector. It controls 7 planets including itself. It looks not unlike New York, with the people in business suits.

Markabians are very good record-keepers and use the control mechanisms of identity cards and files to keep full track of their subject people. Their “ideal” government is somewhere between the Russian “overt” police-state and the Swedish “covert” police-state.

About 250 years ago, the Markabians decided to play a game with us, and got into our act in a big way by authorizing secretly (without Galactic Grand Council approval) a take-over project to get control of Earth. They planned that when Earth becomes acceptable to the Galactic Community that it joins the Markabian system as their 8th planet.

The secret agent of the Markabians, the infamous Xenu, took the body of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, a super-secret society which went about taking over the power groups by infiltration and economic control. A big advance that was made later was Xenu’s take-over of a body in the Rothschild banking family so that after the war of 1812 the Illuminati became very wealthy and could in fact control many economic lines.

One advantage that Beings such as Xenu have had over many of us is that they know that they are immortal Beings separate from their body. Therefore they make plans which extend for lifetimes into the future. The more of us who realize that we also can do this, the easier it will be for us to have things the way we want.

Xenu and others continued to take key bodies into the 20th Century and expanded secret society influence which resulted in the control of many groups.

In the last 50 years 200,000 Markabian “junior executives” were clandestinely immigrated to Earth (again without Galactic Grand Council approval) to assist Xenu and his organization. in the take-over of Earth.

The good news is that, thanks to the good work of many missionaires, Xenu was removed from the scene in the last few years. However, he was exceptionally good at setting up systems which suppressed wealth and people’s ability to think and act for themselves. Many of the systems which he helped set up are still in existence and running without him.

One of the main problem that Markab or any other planet which wants Earth for itself is that, unlike most other planets which are run by one government, ours is run by over 160 governments and is therefore much harder to take over. The Markabians have to get the same vote from every country. Which is why they want a one-world government.

Therefore they have had a need to prevent public awareness of the thousands of other wonderful, loving, fun civilizations out there. That way, when the Markabians turn up to “save us” from ourselves, by offering to have us join their confederation, they hope that people will say, “Hey, look at that! Wow! It’s the only one we know about. Hey, these guys out there, they have airplanes! They wear clothes just like they do in New York! Wow! They have spaceships and … wow … they say they’ll help us and we can trade with them. They want to get in a big agreement with us and have our world government join up with theirs! Oh, fantastic … “

Note from Stephanie Relfe: Are Markabians the infamous “Men in Black”? I have not worked out what the connection is between Markabians, Reptilians, Draconians, Greys and the Illuminati, but we are sure there is at least one connection. One thing they all have in common, a connection to Satan and demons.

This may in fact be the reason behind some of Earth’s dramas, such as the bombings of financial centres. If one looks at them from a purely Earth perspective, it looks like the bombs may have been from other countries and directed at the “New Worlders”. When one looks at it from a galaxy point of view one realizes that, because the main purpose of the “New Worlders” is to create fear and division so that we agree to have another planet “save” us, then perhaps the bombings were actually done by the “New Worlders” themselves.

However, just in the near space to us, there are at least a hundred different systems and races. (If you don’t believe so, look at Earth. How many races and so on are there? They came from the planets near us).

So, rather than join Markab, why don’t we just remain independent. That way we can make trade arrangements with whomever we wish. And if people want to visit their old homes, they can do that! One has to look at the wealth of countries which are free trade zones such as the Isle of Man, Switzerland and the Bahamas to see the advantages to remaining independent.

Earth could be extremely wealthy. It is a most valuable piece of real estate despite the fact that it is on the far outskirts of the galaxy. This is mainly due to the fact that it has a lot of gold. Gold is one of the main forms of interplanetary exchange – US dollars are not acceptable! (Perhaps this accounts for reports that much of the gold in Fort Knox and some Canadian and Eastern European banks has “disappeared”?). Also, it is extremely beautiful and on a not unimportant trade route.

Some very perceptive and thus “dangerous” writers or leaders of opinion are ignored or falsely criticised by the controlled media and government agencies. It is wise to find out what these people are doing that is so threatening and dangerous to the Markabians. You will find it is usually that they have knowledge of the conspiracy to control the planet and mankind or that they have weapons that would be very effective to counter the Markabian weapons.

Such weapons include:

  • The truth
  • Natural health methods
  • Exposure of lies
  • Spiritual power
  • Money not under Markabian control
  • Media groups not under Markabian control
  • Telepathy
  • Groups with large followings who love freedom
  • Ways to really get free of economic control
  • Art and music that will uplift the people to a state of clear thinking
  • Writing that helps people realize how to remain free
  • Intentions to make Earth a safe, loving, abundant planet
  • Intentions to bring everyone to radiant health and wellbeing
  • Intentions to make Earth a planet which determines its own destiny
  • Intentions to reduce government control
  • Intentions to reduce taxes
  • Intentions to reduce the number of laws and red tape
  • Intentions to speak, think and write clearly


The Non-Interference Decree on Sector 9 was received on Earth on the 29th April 1982 at 1200 GMT. It states (as relayed from Mainship, Sector 9):

“The stars in this Sector are under a Non-Interference Decree from Galactic Central – Grand Council.”

The purpose of this decree was (and is, as it is still in force) to halt the interference in the Civilizing Project by unauthorised extraterrestrial and terrestrial groups.

Although not fully complied with yet, the decree has forced the Markabians to change their atomic, biological and chemical warfare schemes back to conventional weapons. They would be subject to severe penalties against their 7 planets by the Grand Council if they violate this point.

Also the decree has prevented other outside interference in the affairs of Earth of an overt nature, although covert contact still exists.


On 10th November 1982 the Free Zone Decree issued by the Galactic Grand Council was received on Earth.

With the Free Zone Decree came the opportunity for the inhabitants of Earth to decide their own destiny. The definition of a Free Zone Planet is:

“One that may choose its own political or economic affiliation or choose to remain independent and represented thusly in the Grand Council. Such choices to be made in suitable referendum of its populations.

The planet shall remain Free Zone until such referendum is correctly and ethically held. A Free Zone Planet is under the auspices of Galactic Patrol Authority of the Sector in which it is situated, their authority limited to the purpose of the Galactic Patrol which is:

To guarantee that civilization continues to flourish and prosper without disturbance while allowing the greatest possible freedom to the individual.”


We always have choice (even though at times it may be hard to believe this). There is an alternative game to the game of the New World Order. We can have one government – most planets do. But it can be a government which supports the concept of “Heaven on Earth”, which will be a lot of fun.The ideas in the New Civilization are those ideas which promote maximum pleasure with no harm to others – and I am sure that we could all do with that!

Some of the ways that you can win this game are:

  • Develop a personal relationship with God.
  • Trust and act on your intuition, no matter what others think.
  • Recommend useful and informative websites &books to others.
  • Get healthy.
  • Many spiritual people are in denial of their body. It is the best friend you have – it is always with you. The stronger it is, the more your spiritual power can be felt.
  • Work on your personal growth in all areas.
  • Reduce your attachment to material possessions at the same time you get wealthier. It is not spiritual to be poor. Most of our problems come from a belief in scarcity, which creates more scarcity. Create abundance instead. The wealthier you are, the more good you can do for the people of this planet.
  • Admire the ‘dark side’ for what they have achieved, as you would admire an opponent in a game of tennis. Fighting force with force adds to the problem. It is better instead to use the martial arts concept of using your opponents forces against themselves.
  • Enter the world of others. From there you can share your knowledge bit by bit. Don’t go so far with what you know that you set people against you because they no longer agree with your reality
  • Throw out your microwave and electric blanket. They weaken you incredibly.
  • Connect with the love and divinity within yourself.
  • Take responsibility. Realize that your physical situation says a lot about you. If you don’t like the people around you or your financial situation, then commit to finding the way to change yourself you will attract better situations into your life.
  • If what you are doing is not working, intend to find a new way which works.
  • Put out intentions that will help yourself and others. Remember that thought creates reality. Daily, possibly before you go to bed, say out loud “I intend … ” and say what you really want to happen.
  • Give up drugs. Commit to getting the same effect permanently by natural means.
  • Acknowledge what you have in your life already, so that more may come in.
  • Lighten up. When we take things seriously, we lose the game. When we lighten up and enjoy the game, we attract lots of people to our cause. The Universe surrenders to a sense of play.
  • Take responsibility for anything you don’t like about your situation. Remember that nothing changes whenever we blame others for our situation.
  • Create a wonderful relationship that supports you, your goals and your growth. Here’s some information on how to do that.

Note from Stephanie Relfe: One day in 2007 I was feeling rather depressed at the amount of evil on our planet. I then ‘saw’ that only about 30% of the universe has planets as evil as ours is. The other 70% have planets more like the Garden of Eden, or as wonderful. On these planets, the people do what God wants them to do, and are good, pure and loving. When I told my husband this, he pointed out that 3:7 was an interesting ratio, since that is siimilat to the ratio of good and evil angels, where 1/3 of angels fell from heaven as fallen angels.

More Information

“How to Know your Life Purpose”

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