Thousands of U.S. Navy Space Carriers

Designed by Nordic Aliens for

The Secret Space Program

To be used in The Harvest of humans

By Michael Relfe


10X10-white-spacerWhile the government run “UFO Business” of websites, books, videos and conferences has been pointing at lights in the sky and whispering about “alien disclosure”, someone else has been running a game on you. The Secret Space Program was created right under your feet and no one bothered telling you.

Since the early 1950’s, you have been programmed to simultaneously fear an “alien invasion” by evil looking aliens and to look forward to rescue by friendly human “aliens” such as shown on Star Trek. How many times have you heard people say “Beam me up Scotty”? Be careful what you ask for.

Nordic Aliens are also called “tall whites”, although not all of them are tall and not all of them are as beautiful as you have been told. Some are quite ordinary. They look like humans except for their slit eyes pupils, which they are able to disguise most of the time (it’s harder when they get emotional). The slit eyes helps them to hypnotize people. To improve your ability to see their slit eyes, Break the Code of Disillusion.


10X10-white-spacerNordic Aliens and reptilians and other species have been harvesting humans from planet earth for centuries. Now, a major harvest that will remove the majority of people from earth is coming. This is a major reason for the current craziness in politics and the media.

The most valuable products of these harvests are hormones, life force, DNA and other substances which can extend the life of Nordic aliens for many hundreds of years, and is likely the most valuable product in the universe.

The Nordic Aliens run everything as a business, just like they run the major corporations; that’s why the actions of major corporations is so inhuman and against nature. There will be a project plan that they use for each planet. 

All current research indicates that these Nordic Aliens are not actually “space aliens” or extraterrestrial visitors at all, but are in fact a human hybrid race created as a result of the “original sin of mankind” as described in the Holy Bible (King James Authorized Version – 1611).

The bible does not go into detail concerning the races that existed before the Adamic Race was formed. These pre-adamic races of black, brown, red, yellow and possibly a race of blue skinned people that live underground must have suffered a great cataclysm of some kind, possibly a destruction as outlined in the books by Immanuel Velikovsky.

Note that this Adamic race – the original word being AWDAWM, meaning ruddy complexion, one that shows blushing – was “formed”, it was not “created”. The Adamic race was formed to accomplish a certain task. It was obvious that Satan would try to destroy it.

As so the creature “Nachash”, the shining one, the enchanter (one who uses black magic), seduced Eve and she bore a son, who was called Cain.

In Genesis Chapter 5 the descendants of Adam are listed and nowhere is Cain, the offspring of the Nacash, mentioned. We believe that Cain, the seed of the Nacash, was the start of the Nordic bloodline.

Note that in Genesis 3:15, God Himself specifically states that the seed (children) of the woman will be at war with the seed (children) of the Nacash. This is a literal war between two separate races. One race, an unadulterated Adamic race and another race, half Adamic and half Nacash (Serpent, Lucifer Shining One, Enchanter, Seducer).

Since those days, this Adamic appearing, Nordic race has mixed the Nacash genetics with every other race on earth, resulting in the enslavement of mankind to every type of sin as well as the control of every government on earth.


Above: Did “The Shining One” look like the creatures in the movie “Knowing”, starring Voodoo practitioner Nicholas Cage? Maybe. This movie has the same concept the Nordics wish you to believe: When a massive catastrophe threatens all life on earth, hand over your children to the shining ones/ fallen angels and don’t even ask any questions.


Nordic race to bring in the “New World Order”?

From the official magazine of Scottish Rite Freemasonry:

“God’s plan (The Masonic God is Lucifer) is dedicated to the unification of all races, religions and creeds. This plan, dedicated to the new order of things, is to make all things new – a new nation, a new race, a new civilization and a new religion, a nonsectarian religion that has already been recognized and called the religion of ‘The Great Light.’ (Note that you are not included in this “plan”. You have your own race (white, black, red, yellow). These Satanists do not like your “pure” race. They want to eliminate you and replace you with something else they call “a new race”. )

Looking back into history, we can easily see that the Guiding Hand of Providence (Lucifer) has chosen the Nordic people to bring in and unfold the new order of the world. Records clearly show that 95% of the colonists were Nordics-Anglo-Saxons.

Providence has chosen the Nordics because the Nordics have prepared themselves and have chosen God … Just as Providence has chosen the Jewish race – the Children of Israel – to bring into the world righteousness by carrying the ‘Ten Commandments’ which emphasize ‘Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy,’ so also Providence has chosen the Nordic Race* to unfold the ‘New Age’ of the world – a ‘ Novus Ordo Seclorum’.” (Source: C. William Smith, New Age Magazine, Sep 1950; the official magazine of Scottish Rite Freemasonry)

C William Smith, Freemasonic scholar was alluding to the Cult of Freemasonry’s plan for “a new nation” and “a new order of things” in the US (the much lauded “New Atlantis” of the Dark Empire of the Secret Societies) in the official publication of international Freemasonry, New Age magazine. (Was Atlantis peopled by Nordic aliens? We think so).

Those who read this website and understand the true nature of Freemasonry know that “the Great Light” represents Lucifer, and the “new religion” they seek is Luciferianism, which is in essence the ancient gnosis of the pagan Mystery Religions of antiquity. 


Note that in the first sentence the Masonic religion claims their “god” is working to race mix and destroy the races; that is, combine the races of the world into one new mishmash race, including the very races that allowed this “great project” to be implemented (Jewish and Anglo-Saxon).

This doesn’t make sense until we read the last sentence – “Providence (Lucifer) has chosen the Nordic Race to unfold the ‘New Age’ of the world”.

It is obvious that “Providence” is actually Lucifer and that the “Nordic Race” is different from Jewish people and Nordic-Anglo-Saxons. This “Nordic Race” is actually an alien race.

We believe that even this plan is a type of decoy, to allow the enslavement of mankind through Freemasonry, accomplishing a type of “unity” among all the false religions of the world and all the secret societies of the world, while actually planning the destruction of all the humans that serve these Nordic “Aliens”.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

Galatians 6:7-8

The ultimate joke is on Freemasonry. The elite Freemasons are planning to execute all the inferior Freemasons during the implementation of their “Great Plan”. Read Freemasons Must Die.

10X10-white-spacerNORDICS TO THE (FAKE) RESCUE

The following excerpt is from the above book “Selected by Extraterrestrials” by William Tompkins. Read more here

10X10-white-spacer“After he reproduced the ship design information he had gained from the covert Navy operatives spying on the German space programs, Tompkins says he then took these designs to various top secret Naval development centers and corporate facilities. These included Douglas Aircraft Company at El Segundo and Santa Monica, Lockheed, North American aviation, and an underground Naval facility supported by Caltech at China Lake.

From 1950 to 1963, Tompkins started as a draftsman, and later became section chief with the Douglas Aircraft Company. Here he says that he worked with two attractive female Nordic extraterrestrials who were employed as secretaries, and they telepathically guided him in the designs for the more advanced space craft that would eventually be secretly built by the U.S. Navy.

Tompkins experience at Douglas with the two “Nordic secretaries” suggests that the U.S. Navy had reached a secret agreement with a friendly group of extraterrestrials in the early 1950s to develop their own space program. It would become the counter to the Nazi/German space program in Antarctica, which was being helped by Reptilian extraterrestrials.”

More than Just Infiltration

It is clear that at least from the 1950’s, Nordic “Aliens” had infiltrated the United States Government. I believe that the truth is far, far worse. I submit that the history of mankind points to the fact that the Nordic race, assisted by Lucifer, the fallen angels and whatever other types of life that fight against God, have created and nurtured our so-called civilization for the primary purpose of harvesting the inhabitants of planet earth for the conversion of materials necessary to their own civilization. Our governments were created to serve them.

And by some set of rules that they follow, but that we know nothing about, they must tell us what their plans are. For example, Jupiter Ascending is not just any old movie. It was created by the Wachowskis, who made The Matrix, which had the date of 911 on Neo’s passport, only two years before 911.



From the movie Jupiter Ascending:

Kalique: “In your world, people are used to fighting for resources, like oil, or minerals, or land.

When you have access to the vastness of space, your realize there’s only one resource worth fighting over, even killing for – more time.

Time is the single most precious commodity in the universe.”


Jupiter: “What is that?” (She holds a container of about 1 liter of liquid).

Titus: “It has many names, Regenix, Recell, Nectar, there are various levels of usefulness and quality, but this is the most pure and most valuable solution made by the House of Abrasax.”

Jupiter: “Kalique came out of a bath…?”

Titus: “Naturally my sister didn’t explain what it is, or where it comes from. It comes from people.

Each unit is refined from approximately 100 human beings.”

Jupiter: “What?!”

Titus: “Your planet is a farm, Jupiter. There are thousands of planets like yours, set up for families like mine, to supply an ever increasing demand for more time.

Jupiter: “Are you saying you killed 100 people to make this?”

Titus: “Not me, but, yes, someone did.

Not unlike butchering a herd of cattle.”


Balem: “Now the human beings on your planet, are merely a resource, waiting to be converted into capital.

And this entire enterprise is just a small part of a vast and beautiful machine, defined by evolution designed for a single purpose, to create profit.”



The Main Event

The entire world is preparing for The Main Event. What could it be?

  • World War III.
  • Asteroid Impact.
  • Financial Collapse.
  • Riots and Martial Law.
  • Muslim Terrorist Invasions.
  • Mutant Virus Disease Spreading.
  • Super Volcano Eruption.
  • Solar Storm Kill Shot.
  • Earthquakes and Tsunamis.
  • Nibiru The Destroyer.
  • Evil Alien Invasion.

Something BIG is going to happen. One or more, even all of these things will appear to be coming true. Panic. Fear. Blood in the streets. It will appear that all is lost, that civilization is coming to an END. The good guys are down and being destroyed by these evil happenings. No hope. The World is doomed….

But wait. A faint light on the horizon. Help could be coming. A government announcement is made that people from another group of worlds might be able to help us. They even look like us, only they all have blond hair. They knew all this time that we would be having this time of trouble. They have sent a fleet of ships from their home world to evacuate us during these earth changes.

But time is short. This is an emergency. A Worldwide Emergency! We only have a limited window of opportunity to evacuate this planet. Everyone must work together. You will be told a date and time to report to the departure place. Department stores, Shopping Malls, Football Stadiums, Airports, Military Bases and other large areas are being converted into space ports. You must report at the appointed time or you will be left behind. No exceptions. One carry on bag is all that is allowed. Civilization is in danger. Be on time.


The old line ” A Sucker is Born Every Minute” is as true today as in any time in history. A story is needed to sell a product. And a great story is required to sell a confidence game to a sucker.

We believe that this “Project Evacuation” is actually a “Project Harvest” and that the giant 2.5 kilometer long (or possibly larger) ships are actually long term storage containers for the processing of “human cattle”.

Example calculations –

Length – 2.5 Kilometers (2500 meters long).

Width –  0.5 Kilometers (500 meters wide).

Height – 0.25 Kilometers (250 meters tall) (75 stories).

If you put 10 football fields of people (700,000) in each ship, you would only need 10,000 ships to hold the 7 billion people of this planet.

They would only have to build 217 ships per year since 1970 to have 10,000 ships today. Less, if the construction program started earlier.

These ships could be built smaller if they were not required to maintain the humans in a living area. If the humans were packed in seats, like an airliner, and were either frozen or subjected to time stasis, the area required for storage would be reduced.


We believe that they are in Antartica. That would explain why they hate people going down their unshepherded (like when Australian millionaire Dick Smith flew there in his own plane years ago and got a very frosty reception).

That would explain why US Secretary of State John Kerry strangely visited Antarctica on the day of the US Election.

And why the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, arrived In Antarctica 18 February 2016.




Above: Why does the Russian Church need a church in Antarctica, 10,000 miles from Russia? (Built in the early 2000s)


Don’t be a part of their plan.

Don’t be a part of their machine.

No matter who tries to convince you, no matter what celebrity tries to lure you and no matter what you see on the fake TV or whatever you think is happening…

Do Not Get On The Ships.

No excuses. No exception. No tours. No free rides.

Don’t listen to your family. Don’t listen to your friends.

Bury your smart phone. Turn off your television.

Don’t believe your emails or text messages. 

Do not take their technology.

Do not take their medical care.

Do not take their youth treatments.

Do not take their wealth.

Do not believe their promises.

They are not your friends.

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Update 12/6/16: We have twice had the server crash, for 3 days total. Download this article as well.



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