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I was swimming in the Atlantic in North Florida. Someone saw something and we were trying to work out if it was a shark or a dolphin.

So I asked a guy on a kayak who was out quite a way what it was (dolphin). I then asked him if he ever saw anything weird out there, and he just gave me a really weird smile – said if he did I probably wouldn’t want to swim there.

He was too far out for me to nail him down to what he had seen… What have you seen that was not ‘normal’? Here were the results…


A time warp in the Bermuda Triangle at Mantanilla Shoals.


I saw bright orange lights underwater a good way offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.
This happened April of 2012.

This was off Florida’s west coast.

3-4 round orbs of orange light.

Hard to estimate the size, I guess the size of a modern day Ford F150.

They were several hundred yards offshore then one started moving towards me on the beach. It moved inside the swim buoys and then stopped.

To be totally honest, I was frightened.

I have no idea what they were… they moved back offshore and faded out underwater.


The Green Flash at sunset off the WSW coast of Jamaica. Never believed it was real until I saw it myself.


Lived on a boat for years

Key west and Puerto Rico


Green light at sunset

Orbs and all kinds of lights in the sky

Crazy looking fish

Loss of gps and compass

In the Bermuda Triangle


A merman swam alongside me when a current pulled me from shore until I was safe again. He put his hand on my back, looked in my eyes before he swam off with telepathic communication. He had a ridge where his spine was that continued to the top of his head. Hawaii main island.


The weirdest thing I ever saw was on a surf trip to Indo, crossing to Sumbawa from Lombok on the ferry: we were just hanging over the rail looking down at the ocean, and then bang – a massive, absolutely giant sea serpent uncoiled itself from a resting position on top of the sea, and started diving down as it got disturbed from the ferry going past.

Not joking. It was huge, like the biggest python you can imagine. And it was fast, agile, and could obviously swim very well.

It was silvery green, and more than a foot in diameter for most of the widest part of its body, maybe 1.5ft. My friend and I just looked at each other in disbelief, not just because it was unexpected, but wondering what such a huge creature was doing out there. We assume it was a giant python, but the way it dove into the ocean as the boat went past was very odd…normally I think if it was a python they would just remain on the surface if they can swim. This thing was definitely an ocean-going creature comfortable with swimming and going under water.


(This one is not weird but I’m posting it as a warning to people to beware modern day pirates) –

I found a fish finder/GPS device on the beach in Miami – the kind mounted to a boat.. Well, the cable had been cut with a knife and the mounting bracket had the screws still attached with a small chunk of white fiberglass attached to each screw..

Basically I think somebody was murdered on a boat and they clipped the wire then ripped/bashed the GPS from the dash because they didn’t have tools to remove it and then threw it in the water. Trying to hide evidence of the location they traveled to probably.


In 1966 my husband was a Sea-bee in the U.S. Navy stationed in Midway Island. He and a few other sailors were sent on a large raft to fix cables in ocean. He said that while in the ocean on the raft he and the other sailors saw what looked like a small school of HUGE Sun fish! They were 8 to 10 ft high and 14 ft long and brownish! He said there were the big ones that size and smaller ones, babies he guesses! Yet to this day we have never seen anything like them in photographs. Our son is into animals and fish and he told my husband that he has never heard of this type fish in the ocean.



Back in the mid 90’S we had a 52 foot Hatteras that is a spot fishing boat. We would go to the Dry Tortugas for a month at a time. We had been docked just off of Fort Jefferson in about 100 foot of water. I was up catching yellow tail all into the night watching the endless stars and taking in another incredible night on the open ocean.

Out of nowhere in about 2 to 3 hundred feet of water I saw what only could be explained as multi color lights like a disco tech under the water. I could NOT explain what this could be except a submarine and someone was underwater welding. So I woke everyone on board to give an explanation of what this could be. We tried to get on top of it but it would evade us. It seemed to be aware of our presence. The lights eventually went off and we re anchored and went to sleep.

The next day we got up early and headed out to go marlin fishing and could not believe what we saw. In the direction of the lights the night before there was a perfectly straight line going out to very deep water of foam. It stood up between 2 and 4 feet off the water.

It was a yellow green color and it almost was fluorescent. It gets weirder – the foam was made up of a consistency of a foam and a gel, when you touch it with something it would break up but was so thick I was not going to let it touch my skin in ANY way!

We followed it for about 2 miles when things got really weird! This was a perfectly straight line in the middle of the ocean and then three more lines came from another direction and in PERFECT form. The only difference was, it was made up of 3 lines. Because they were of a different angle from the first they would have intersected the first line, however they did not intersect. They all in PERFECT form lined up side by side in a row of 4 and headed in the same direction as the first. What kind of equipment can do this? 4 perfectly straight lines in the middle of the ocean and no boats on the radar for at least 2 days!

We still to this day cannot find an explanation. As for me I know this was not of this world. My hypothesis is that this was done by an alien craft that can propel itself thru the air or water. The foam had to be some sort of by product of the technology of the propulsion. Either fusion motor or something that frankly my background can not explain.


Back in the 1970s I was on an LST hauling a contingent of 100+ Marines from Hampton Roads (VA) to Gitmo (Cuba). Off of Cape Hatteras we spotted a gigantic underwater pulse of light, apparently 1-2 miles in front of our designated heading, moving across the horizon lines. As this ‘pulse’ got closer & closer, eventually passing within 1/4-1/2 mile ahead of us, all electronic equipment on the LST shut down, including mechanicals like the engines & misc pumps, etc. We were making a few knots and lost steering capability, and initially drifted for about 5-10 minutes, with everyone getting as high up in the boat to witness the phenomenon. Afterwards, power returned and we continued on to Gitmo after radioing for further instructions. Low seas, clean, clear sunny day.


Back in the late 90’s my dad told me while he was on the Arctic Rose (yes the one that sank) coming back from Dutch Harbor he and the crew saw some type of gigantic shapeless creature.

They tried to guess the size of the animal but couldn’t. It did not resemble anything they could recognize. He said it was 6x bigger than the boat and created it’s own current. The entire crew saw it and there are supposedly recorded sonar images.

Another time dad said back in the eighties they pulled up a net full a garbage that contained some radioactive waste barrels. Some were half eaten away from rust, some not.

The yellow liquid that came out of those things got all over and inside the ship.
Everything had to be dumped and hosed down. That trip ended early and he says that he will never forget the smell. (Editor’s Note: It is criminal that radioactive waste is put in the ocean).


I was always fascinated by a story out of Tampa in the 70’s.

There were a lot of reports of some strange creature being spotted in the bay. The sightings went on for weeks.

One day someone reported seeing this creature in the waters near a marina. The reports got back to a professor who taught marine biology at the University there so he, some other professors and a whole class of marine biology students headed down there — as the professor was sure it was just a large turtle or something else very explainable.

They had not been there but a few minutes — the professor standing on a walkway over the water — when this ‘thing’ shows up and starts swimming around — and did so for 15 minutes.

None of the professors had a clue as to what this thing was — but were sure nothing like it was known to man. Not long after that, Jacque Cousteau himself was speaking at the university and he was made aware of the sighting and shown some pictures taken that day. He said he had seen numerous undersea creatures that could not explain — but nothing like that.

I did see a couple of the pictures — but they were not really of good enough quality to be of value. It was some sort of prehistoric looking dinosaur — much like the reported loch ness — but perhaps 15 feet long at the most.

From the reports — it was just as curious about the people looking at it — as they were of it. Went away not long after that and long forgotten by the locals by now….


In the early 80s I was aboard a destroyer in transit from Pensacola, FL to Norfolk, Va. It was a cloudless starry night and we where struck by a bolt of lightening and every power system went dead. We where dead in the water for about 4 hours before everything came back online. Yes we were in the Bermuda Triangle.

On another transit in the same area during the day as we where lined up on deck for chow…..a wooden coffin floated by. We where approx 300 miles off the east coast….yes that was a strange one.


I was on lookout duty around 3 am on an icebreaker above the Arctic Circle during the Arctic winter. I could see something moving in the dim light above the highest conning tower about 60 feet above me. Nothing and no one should have been up there with the waves we were experiencing, it would have been deadly. I continued trying to identify it before I reported it to the watch commander in case it was an albatross or something, which it did not appear to be.

As my eyes focused, I was able to identify what appeared to be fur blowing in the wind. After a few minutes, I was able to make out glowing red eyes staring at me. It would occasionally turn away but would return back to me. I had a very uneasy feeling and decided to report that I had seen a flash inside the conning tower rather than report what I was actually seeing.

As I called down the voice pipe to report a flash, I heard a distant thud and when I looked around I saw what appeared to be a werewolf running on 2 legs towards an entry hatch. It opened the hatch, jumped through, and closed and dogged the hatch behind it.

I think it understood what I had said and had run because it knew there would be someone coming up to investigate. A few minutes later, someone stuck their head out of that same hatch and yelled up and asked me if I had heard a loud bang (I said no), so I know that it wasn’t a (very vivid) hallucination.

It did happen to be a full moon at the time. I am convinced that one of my shipmates was an actual werewolf or something similar. In my mind, these legends must have some basis in reality. I spent another 6 months on that ship, and though I kind of subtly asked around the other lookouts if anyone had seen anything weird or odd while on watch, no one confessed, but honestly I didn’t expect anyone to confess. I just wanted to see their body language, but nothing stood out. I still have nightmares about this decades later.


What I have also seen surfing which was incredible was a real whirlpool. A friend of mine were surfing in Dominical and it was a large swell about double overhead. My friend got my attention and asked me if I saw what he saw. I looked out about 1/4 mile from where we were surfing and saw what looked like a coconut spinning slowly around in a circle. It was SOMEONE’S HEAD….

We both paddled as quick as we could out and it was a young man who had been swept out by a rip tide, and was caught in the center of a 12 ft. diameter whirlpool which looked like a toilet with not enough water. He was barely able to keep his head up. Shouted to get his attention and pushed my board to him and swam him back in.

I had heard of whirlpools, but did not believe they actually existed like that. The center had foam in it and was actually about 1 ft. lower than the water outside of the circle. This guy was really lucky we saw him. He would have been yet another drowning fatality had we not.


For more stories of werewolves watch/read “Interview with an ex-vampire – a true story



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