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A group visualization changes the power of manifesting what you want from a candle light to a laser beam. Your group can be as small as two people.

The beginning of my journey fighting aliens began in Sydney Australia around 1990, when a fellow clearing practitioner brought back from the USA the book Matrix II, a 660 page collection of documents, by Val Valerian, of This was in the days before the internet. After reading Matrix II,  which contains much information and drawings of aliens, abductions, underground bases and similar subjects. I walked around in total shock, hardly speaking at all (most unusual for me), after reading this book.

Matrix II

However, it isn’t all bad. There are two pages in that book that I have always kept to remind me of how we can get out of this mess, no matter how bad things may look. Michael and I do not agree with all of the following, and some of it is over simplified. However, part of this speaks to my soul as though there is much truth in it. Here are those two pages. The most important points to remember are #2 and #11.

Service to Others

1. There is a species from Procyon that has had a hand in the genetic development of humans and were involved with the initial interbreeding with primitive humans.

(Note by Stephanie Relfe: This reminds me of the Arisians in our favorite Lensmen SciFi series of books, by E.E.Doc Smith, which we highly recommend you read, especially books #2-6. Most interestingly, we know a multiple-abductee with powerful metaphysical abilities, who reads a lot, but falls asleep almost instantly whenever she tries to read these books. Obviously, there are beings who do not want some people to read these books).

2. Procyonian basic purpose: The Law of One is service to others. They feel that All That Is will benefit if man can develop as a true social memory complex, i.e., an aligned mass consciousness of integrated biospheric entity. To them, 5 billion beings integrated as one “Awareness of Awareness” Unit in Creation is a natural state.

Each separate entity still maintains the individual unique nature, which is the sum total of its integrated experiencews, its basic differentiated identity as a spiritual entity aware of its immortality despite the use of an organic body.

3. Their airm is to help us to help ourselves by bringing humans to their full potential.

4. Failing goal #3 above, they will reap the smaller harvest of human souls and relocate them for advanced schooling elsewhere (or “elsewhen” in the event of a natural disaster).

5. Humans tend to make Savior or Satan figures out of extraterrestrial or extradensity beings. In doing so, they hope to negate responsibility for their misdeeds by appointing scapegoats. It is a self defeating strategy. If individuals do their best and work toward peace and unity of purpose, it will contribute towards correction of the imbalance. There are no guarantees.

6. “Christ-consciousness” is awe-inspiring to humans of the 3rd density. It is far more demanding to develop the full spectrum of awareness. It is up to individuals to create their destiny.

7.  The Procyonians have the ability to travel within timeframes and density levels, as well  as inbetween. Rigelian entities lack this capability. They depend on beam craft for interstellar travel. Procyonians “astrally” travel from location to location (perception to perception) as a natural function.

(Note by Stephanie Relfe: We do not recommend astral travel at this stage of human development. It is too easy to collect a bunch of demons, as there are some very seedy characters out there. It’s rather like walking through a ghetto).

8. The Procyonian craft are constructed in one piece that is fabricated within an energy Matrix and solidified as an aware living crystal that is perfectly tuned to the pilot via computer link. The craft itself has a limited awareness level.

(Note: Any being that uses living ships with high levels of awarness is practicing slavery. We presume that in this case the level of awareness is extremely low. Even rocks have a level of awareness)

9. When the beamship contains three or more crew members who are the same density as the craft, then a teleportation sequence is possible.

10. The name of the home planet of the Procyonians translates roughly as “Those who travel through time.”

11. All cultures go through states of higher technological development prior to learning that everything they have accomplished can be achieved by way of pure thought.

12. Humanity as a mass consciousness can create any destiny it chooses to create for itself.

How a Group Visualization Brought the Berlin Wall Down

The beginning of my journey out of sheeple land was back around 1998. I was single at the time, and met a man I was attracted to. He told me that he was going to do a personal development seminar called “Insight”, which lasted a few days. When he came back from the seminar, he looked directly in my eyes in a way that no one had ever done before. In that moment, I became aware of how much junk was going on in my mind – the kind of useless thoughts that can go round and round a person’s head. I decided to do the seminar to get rid of that junk.

I was concerned on one issue; at the time I had acne. I was going to get only a few hours of sleep a night, due to the seminar going late into the night, plus I had some work I had to do early in the morning. Knowing that lack of sleep made my acne worse, I figured that by the end of the seminar that my acne would have gone berzerk. In fact, the reverse happened. After the weekend, my acne cleared up!

I still don’t know what they did in that seminar. All I remember is being in a room with about 100 people, and a lot of time each of us would sit knee-to-knee opposite another person, answer questions, and then do the same to the person opposite us. I know now that looking in a person’s eyes put’s you into alpha-level. That is, it slows down your brain waves from the normal beta-level. I presume also that the questions were a way of clearing out negative thoughts from the reactive mind.

I do not recommend the seminar to anyone because I don’t believe anyone should do processes that are not explained to you beforehand and because of the obvious lack of integrity on the last day; we had been told to make no important decisions for seven days after the seminar, but at the end of the seminar, they wanted us to fork over $700 for Insight #2.

However, after that experience I knew that change was possible, and there was much more to the mind that we had been told, and thus began my journey looking for other ways to improve.

This led me to do a course that was similar to another course called “Alpha Dynamics”, that was recommended to me. At the course we learned how calming the mind and slowing it down from the normal Beta frequencies to Alpha frequencies made it possible to do things with the mind, such as heal ourselves with visualization, do distant healing on others, and make visualizations come true. Later on, I used this method to cure myself of rampant candida.

For example, at the course I was worked with a woman who was a stranger to me. She wanted to know what was happening with a friend of hers who she was very worried about, because the friend had been acting in a very negative way recently, and she wanted to know what was going on with her. As we were taught, I ‘called in’ the person and felt her spirit with my hands. Then, suddenly, while doing this, I absolutely positively knew that she was being physically beaten up by her husband. I wondered if there was anything I could do to help. I thought of that was best for her to do in this awful situation, and told her to leave him. The woman I was working with told me later that the woman left her husband soon after. Obviously, that was very powerful. This kind of technique should only be used in extreme cases, where someone is beyond being all physical help, because it is, after all, manipulative. One can only imagine how the dark side uses this kind of thing to destroy people’s lives.

Now, I am not suggesting that you use visualization for just anything, as those people were doing. But if you have are connected with God, and doing your best to fulfill his will, I believe that there is a place for doing this, especially if you pray first to confirm that God would like you to do this. After all, Jesus said,

Verily, verily, I say unto you. He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do. John 14:12

Other clues in the Bible that tell us that visualization that is aligned with God’s purposes are:

  • For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7
  • We are commanded to meditate on the Word, which involves prayerfully rolling it around in our hearts and minds. Since the Bible is full of picture stories, we will by necessity be picturing as we meditate upon Scripture (Joshua 1:8).
  • Images have the power to change me much more greatly than when I simply think a thought. That is why God says we are transformed “while we look” (2 Cor. 4:16-18).

For example, when I see myself clothed with the armor of God, it obviously influences me much more greatly than when I simply recall the Scripture verses Ephesians 6:11-17,  Isaiah 59:17. To put on the armor of God, you have to visualize it. Here is the prayer that we say when we do this:

“Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I now put upon myself and all present the full armor of God, the armor of Light, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Shield of Faith, the Helmet of Salvation, the Sword of the Spirit, the Belt of Truth, the Garment of Vengeance, the Cloak of Zeal, and any other part of the armor of God that I do not know about, and my feet shod with the gospel of peace.”

  • If God did not approve of visualization, why would he counsels us at night through our dreams (Psalms. 16:7).
  • Even the Lord’s supper utilizes imagery. As Jesus broke the bread, He said, “This is My body” and as they drank the wine, He said, “This is My blood” (Matt. 26:26-28). I see this imagery as I partake of the Lord’s supper, and by doing so, it impacts me greatly every time I do it. When you do this in memory of Jesus (1 Corinthians: 11:24), visualize the spirit of Jesus flooding your body as you do so, to help you to become more closer to God.
  • The Bible is absolutely full of dreams, visions, pictures, images, and parables from cover to cover, so obviously God is big on imagery.
  • When David prayed, he used imagery (Ps. 23).
  • In the New Testament, we are told that Jesus is the Image of the invisible God, and we are to look unto Jesus. (Hebrews 12:2). So in both Old and New Testaments, God has ordained imagery as part of our approach to Him.

The world is in a great mess right now. People are a long way from doing any of hte miracles that Jesus did, let alone exceeding what he did. More is needed. For all we know, God is just waiting for us to use the abilities he gave us to improve it, with our minds and hearts.

More evidence that we should use our God-given power of changing physical reality through visualization is that the evil ones have been doing many things to greatly reduce our mind power. These have included:

  • Aerosolized thought-control vaccines, paid for and distributed by the Pentagon, which are deliberately designed to change the part of the brain that produces belief and intent – two things needed to make a visualization come true. (See this shocking video).
  • TV and movies that give us only images of violence, lust, death, evil and scarcity. How many movies have you seen with images of a new civilization with Holy love, caring, abundance, happy families, miracles and exceeding joy?

Do the evil ones know that if left to ourselves, we will eventually create heaven on earth? We believe  so.

Now I will tell you how a visualization brought down the Berlin Wall.

To physically change the future with a visualization, you first have to think of something that represents what you are trying to achieve. It’s easier to create something in your mind, than to visualize the absence of something. For example, how do you visualize and end to Monsanto? Perhaps one could visualize “For Sale” signs outside every Monsanto office?

The culmination of the course was the evening where we did a group visualization. We were told that having more than one person visualize a particular goal does not work, because each person’s visualization interferes with the others’ visualizations, because each one is different.

What is needed is for just one person to do the visualization.

The other people then send pure unformed energy / intention to the person, to back-up the original person. I was told that this magnifies the power of the original visualization by thousands of times.

To do this, the group first relaxes and gets into alpha levels. When the person who is to visualize is ready, they say something like, “Send your energy to me on the count of three. One, two, three”. Then everyone on the group looks towards the person and sends energy and intention to that person. After the person feels that they are done, they say “thank you.”

To send energy and intention to the visualizer, some people like to point their hands towards the person. Do whatever it is that helps you to send belief, energy and intention to power the visualization.

I was told that this had been done by a previous group, and that one girl decided that she wanted to visualize an end to Communism, and she felt that the best way to picture this would be the Berlin Wall coming down, so that was what she did, with the group supporting her in the above method. I was told that the Berlin Wall came down not too long after, in either a matter of weeks or months.

Most interestingly to us, in the Lensmen series books which I hope you will read, and which may give you goosebumps once you read the 6th book, “Children of the Lens”, as it did for us, in the book earth and the galaxy is saved by five children with magnified metaphysical abilities, being supported by the energy of a mind meld of millions of loyal beings from all over the galaxy, who supported a free and good civilization. This was very similar to the group visualization that brought down the Berlin Wall.


Some Evil Things are Protected

In doing this to help the world, we have ‘seen’ through images, and backed up with muscle testing, that some of the evil things on earth are protected from exactly this kind of thing. You may need to do some meditation first to see if this is the case with your target. Accurate muscle testing can be a huge help with this, not only because it gives you answers from your body, which knows everything on earth, but also because when you do this it gives you a ‘line’ to the target so that you sometimes will get an image of what is going on. If you do locate some kind of barrier, you will want to dismantle it with such things as prayer and your spiritual sword.  In addition, be sure to pray protection so that you cannot be harmed when doing this and that no one will know what you have done.


If you do this to help the earth and its people, pray for total guidance first.

It may help if the person doing the visualization has their hands fully covered in a bowl of warm water. Please see this article for more information.

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